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Revitalizing Your Virginia Beach Home: Trends and Tips in Modern Remodeling

Once you and your family have decided to treat yourself to a home remodeling for the holidays, the next step in the process is to narrow down which projects best fit your specific needs and what updates and upgrades you desire most in your home.

At K.M. Cash Remodeling, we’ve been updating, remodeling and modernizing our clients’ Hampton Roads homes for many years, and we’ve garnered hundreds of positive client testimonials to prove it. If you’re aiming to modernize your Virginia Beach home through remodeling, below are 4 easy ways to do so.

home remodeling virginia beach hampton roads

1. Update Your Exterior:

Remodeling projects aren’t just for freshening up the interiors of our homes – it’s important to focus on the exterior too! Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint. Homes can be drastically modernized simply by choosing a new paint color that livens up the curb appeal. Proper landscaping and remodeling any outdoor spaces – such as porches or patios – also have a dramatic impact on your home’s overall visual appeal.

home remodeling virginia beach hampton roads

2. Replace Your Windows:

A home feature that not only updates the exterior of your home, but also the interior, is windows! Not only will replacing older windows instantly modernize your home aesthetically, it’ll also increase their energy efficiency, meaning huge savings annually on your utilities.

home remodeling virginia beach hampton roads

3. Replace Hardware:

From replacing your kitchen drawer and cabinet pulls to a new metal finish, to upgrading your home’s door knobs – hardware is a simple way to make a huge impact in the modernization of an older home. Golds and mixed metals are making waves in the home remodeling world, and updating hardware is a fun but simple way to dip your toes in the renovation world.

home remodeling virginia beach hampton roads

4. Bye-Bye Builder-Grade:

Out with the old, basic and character-lacking builder-grade home interiors. In with the custom, high-end and stunning details of a modern home remodel. There are countless ways to create a unique, personalized space within your home. Whether it’s ripping out your shower insert to replace it with beautiful custom-installed tilework, or curating a kitchen with cabinetry that perfectly utilizes every inch of available storage space – the options are endless, and waiting for you.

Bring new life into your beloved Virginia Beach home by choosing tasteful and impactful remodeling projects that are timeless and practical. Call K.M. Cash Remodeling at (757) 278-4036 to learn how we can assist you with your future home renovations!


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