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3 Home Remodeling Projects You’ll Love in Virginia Beach 2024

Updated: May 9

February is a month where we’re surrounding by love here in the Hampton Roads! Why not also use this as a time to brainstorm ways to refresh your home so that you fall in love with it even more? If you’ve been considering updating your home but don’t quite know where to start, below are 3 remodeling projects in Virginia Beach that we at K.M. Cash Remodeling think you’ll love for 2024.

1. Warmth & Wood

2024 has brought with it a revival of warm, natural wood in homes across the Hampton Roads. There are countless ways to add this design feature through a home remodel. Whether its installing custom-built bookshelves, adding unique and decorative trim work throughout your rooms, or installing molding and paneling. this is a design trend that will liven and elevate any space you incorporate it!

warm hardwood floors virginia beach

2. Tile & Texture:

Tile work continues to be one of our more popular remodeling choices amongst clients. By installing custom tile work, our clients are able to remodel and transform spaces that feel dull or builder-grade, and add depth and texture to them. 

Consider installing tile work through a bathroom remodel, replacing a shower surround with a custom-tiled shower space. Not only will it visually brighten the space, but it’ll increase your home value as well. Have vinyl sheet flooring in your bathroom or mud spaces inside your home? Upgrade to tile flooring for the same elevating effect!

blue tiles in bathroom remodel virginia beach

3. Creative Color:

This year is also seeing a surge in color and creativity inside homes. Instead of cookie-cutter spaces, homeowners are craving unique design and details to make their space more personal. Adding color in places that have been popularly neutral – such as kitchen cabinets – allows your home remodel to be curated perfectly for your individual home design aesthetic, proving much more lasting and a better investment than simply following the trends that come and go.

kitchen remodel color space Virginia Beach VA

Interested in learning more about our services, expertise and recommendations? Give us a call at (757) 278-4036 or contact us online so we can get you set up for renovations just in time for Spring!


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