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Top 4 Bathroom Renovation Trends

At K.M. Cash Remodeling we not only build new spaces for our clients we also ensure that the latest products and looks are incorporated into your new and/or updated space, withstanding the test of time!


#1 Statement Basin

Sometimes a white washbasin just doesn't have enough pop for the bathroom you have in mind. The new trend for colored basins is taking bathrooms by storm, but how much is too much color in the bathroom? Let’s still keep a slick look, making sure that the washbasin becomes your statement and all other items in your bathroom complement it.

colored bathroom basin chesapeake.jpg
statement washbasin virginia beach

#2 Color

Choose one color and decorate with different shades of it. Styling your bathroom for a modern look should be clean yet minimal to ensure a timeless design. Adding color to the basin and pairing it with towels, plants or a rug will add vibrance to your bathroom, while not overpowering the space.

Modern Bathroom
pink washbasin in bathroom

#3 Tapware

Brass, brushed nickel, matte black and copper are still in fashion and will be for some time. This is not only popular in bathrooms, but throughout the house (see our blog on kitchen trends). Matte black and brass pair well with white, concrete, black, grey and green tiles.

gold tapware with black and white tiles
chrome tapware with green tiles
black tap with grey tiles
Chrome tapware with black tiles.png

#4 Mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are a statement and feature now, gone are the days of a simple glass mirror. Your bathroom mirror needs to stand out! We added these mirrors from to our bathroom renovations in Virginia Beach, creating character and personality to a minimalist, clean bathroom design.

bathroom wooden mirror virginia
bathroom mirrors virginia beach.png

When designing your new bathroom consider these 4 trends and think about what color you’d like to see in your bathroom.


Chat with us today about your bathroom renovation.

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