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Spring 2019 Renovation Trends

Welcome to April!

Spring is here, the weather is warming up and the renovation season has taken off!


If you are thinking about renovating your kitchen this year and need inspiration or want to know our top 5 kitchen remodeling trends in our Virginia Beach and Norfolk renovations then keep reading.


#1 Backsplash

2019 is all about Backsplash, every kitchen remodel in the Tidewater area has come with backsplash. Backsplashes improve the value for your home and helps protect your walls from all the dirt, food and grime that occurs in your kitchen.


There are two popular types - Stone and Tile.

Stone backsplash to match the countertops is becoming more and more popular. It adds a seamless chic look to your kitchen.

Modern White Kitchen
stone backsplash virginia beach.png

Tile backsplash is very popular in new homes and renovations in 2019. It provides a unique style to your kitchen or wet bar. The tile backsplash also allows for homeowners to add a bit of color to their kitchen to brighten or lighten it up.

Modern Kitchen
tile backsplash chesapeake va

#2 Free Standing Islands

This is a trend that will last forever. A classic free standing island continues to be popular in 2019. A footed island makes a kitchen feel more airy, welcoming and open. We recently added this kitchen island to our Suffolk, VA renovation. This island has storage galore, a butcher's block and a microwave to make cooking and entertaining a seamless experience.

kitchen island suffolk, va

#3 Color

Color is coming back and homeowners are getting more comfortable with using it in their cabinetry and backsplash. Additionally, the contrast between dark and lights in the kitchen are popular! Dark cabinets contrasted with light countertops and light backsplash add for a classy, sophisticated, modern look to your kitchen.

Virginia Beach Kitchen ideas
colored green kitchen island suffolk va
Virginia Beach Kitchen Ideas Renovation

#4 Appliances

A few different trends are happening in kitchen appliances. The term you need to know when considering what appliances you want in your kitchen is ‘integrated.’ Integrated appliances are slightly more expensive but it does provide for a very minimalist look to your kitchen.


Integrated kitchen appliances are appliances with fronts that match the look of your cabinetry. In other words, instead of the refrigerator or dishwasher having a stainless steel, white or black front, it will have a door that is the same type of door that you have on all of your other cabinets. When integrated appliances are installed correctly, it can be impossible to tell which cabinet actually contains the refrigerator or what cabinet the dishwasher is in- these appliances will blend in seamlessly.

Then there is the trend for appliances that POP! On the more expensive side homeowners are ditching the typical kitchen appliance for a stove that turns their kitchen into art.


Get ready to drop a few $1000 but your style and personality will shine!

blue oven ideas
orange red oven that pops
Silver Chrome Gold Oven

#5 Add Metal

Time to say goodbye to the kitchen where the finish has to match. Adding a metal stylish touch to your kitchen will create a chic combination. The metals can be incorporated into countertops, backsplash, doors and appliances. Make sure that the metal becomes an accent, do not overpower your kitchen design.


Copper has been popular for some time now as it not only adds style to your kitchen, it can also modernize it or add warmth to a traditional kitchen. Adding copper doesn’t always mean you need to renovate and change out appliances. You can simply add copper to your kitchen with pots, pans and utensils.


If you are going to have a darker kitchen in 2019, add copper to your lighting fixtures to brighten up the space, while keeping the minimalist, modern look and feel.

Copper Utensils for Kitchen

Rose Gold

Rose gold has recently become popular in the wedding ring department and now it is moving into the kitchen. Rose gold adds a subtle and delicate look to any kitchen. It adds a romantic element and is paired nicely with neutral white cabinets. Adding rose gold to light fixtures, sink fixtures and cabinet hardware will definitely make cooking in the kitchen more romantic.


At our local Virginia Beach Home Depot we found these beautiful rose gold fixtures!

rose gold lighting Virginia Beach Home D
Rose Gold Kitchen knobs virginia beach

Matte Black
Matte black is elegant and subtle. Black pushes the boundaries of luxury and is a shift away from tradition. We have recently been adding black finishes to houses and kitchens in Virginia Beach. The black-on-white look adds drama to the beautiful neutral white cabinets, creating a modern and slick kitchen.

black kitchen lighting virginia beach

Let these trends serve as design ideas for your 2019 kitchen renovation.


These ideas add personality and aesthetics to create your ultimate kitchen. For more ideas and inspiration visit our Pinterest page or Houzz profile.

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 1.29.53 PM.png
copper lighting norfolk, va
Black Fan and Lighting in Virginia Beach
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