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Top 5 Kitchen Renovation Trends
in Norfolk, Virginia

The kitchen is known to be the heart of your home, a common gathering place for family each day, as well as guests who visit. It’s no surprise that when it comes to renovating your Norfolk, Virginia, home, the project that makes the biggest impact is a kitchen remodel. 

K.M. Cash Remodeling has expertly completed countless kitchen renovations in Norfolk, and is a top remodeling company in the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area. See why we stand apart from our competition – by focusing on quality, customer satisfaction, timeliness and more – but also because we understand the latest trends in kitchen design and promise to execute the unique vision our clients have for their homes. 

Check out the list we’ve crafted below which contains what we’re identifying as the top 5 kitchen renovation trends we’ve seen so far in Norfolk in 2022.


1. Specialty Cabinets & Drawers:

Kitchen cabinetry, aside from countertops, has always taken center stage when it comes to a kitchen renovation. But gone are the days of bulky, one-size-fits all cabinetry. Today, one of the best investments you can include in your kitchen renovation is custom cabinetry. Not just for its visual appeal, but for its practicality!

Instead of squeezing large countertop appliances into small cabinet spaces that are easily cluttered and make those tools hard to reach, consider custom organization cabinetry. Allow your cabinets to work for you, not against you, and customize them to your family’s specific needs – whether it’s a cabinet drawer made just to store your pots and pans, or it’s a built-in spice rack, the options are endless, and the long-term reward is too.

A photo of a kitchen drawer with utensils

2. Walk-in Pantry: 

Another area of built-in organization in the kitchen that we’re also seeing a demand for is large, walk-in pantries. Buy in bulk and worry again about having the space to hold your groceries. Or, conceal bulky and cluttered kitchen tools and appliances in this space too. Even more fun, have the pantry door be hidden within your kitchen’s cabinetry for a seamless, surprising appeal.

Walk-in Pantry in Kitchen Renovation

3. Closed Concept:

Although open concept kitchens are very much still in demand, we’re seeing a rise in kitchens that feel a bit more tucked away from the rest of the home. Why’s this? With the pandemic forcing so many to be at home, we’re seeing a desire for more individualized spaces. Privacy and quiet is certainly a draw, and people want to separate where they prepare their food from where they work, do homework, or watch a movie, etc. 

Photo of renovated kitchen with black cabinets, quartz countertops, stainless steel appliances

4. Bold Color Choices & Materials:

Gone are the days of all-white kitchens. With our recent K.M. Cash Remodeling kitchen renovation projects, we’re certainly seeing an uptick in bolder colors and new materials. Wood tones are in demand, and light oak seems to be hogging the spotlight, as well as cabinetry painted in muted greens. We’re also seeing stones like travertine and quartzite being used more and more. Kitchen renovations in 2022 are certainly allowing more creativity and uniqueness in their design, and because of that, are making a much larger visual impact.

Kitchen Renovation with green painted cabinets and marble countertops and backsplash

5. Eyes On Appliances:

We aren’t just seeing an increase in the number of appliances incorporated in kitchen renovations – such as including wine refrigerators – but we’re also seeing an emphasis on unique and statement pieces when it comes to those appliances. 

There’s a huge appeal toward retro and vintage-style appliances from eras long past. Sleek stainless steel used to be the primary choice for appliances in the kitchen, but these days, it’s hardly the only ones considered. Contemplate incorporating a vintage inspired appliance to amplify your kitchen remodel’s unique design. 

Renovated Kitchen with retro and vintage inspired red stove, white and natural wood cabinets

Let K.M. Cash Remodeling complete a timeless, modern, updated kitchen renovation for your Norfolk, Virginia, home this year, and you’ll understand how we hold ourselves to a higher standard than our competitors and why we are your trusted local remodeling company! Get started today on a kitchen you love by calling us at (757) 278-4036 to learn more.

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