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Summer Refresh: 3 Easy Updates for Your Hampton Roads Home

With the summer season now upon us in the Hampton Roads area, K.M. Cash Remodeling is eager to help tackle the list of home projects you’ve been brainstorming all winter and spring. Our remodeling expertise focuses on not only elevating and modernizing your home in a timeless and beautiful way, but also on enhancing practicality, so you can enjoy your home for many seasons to come.


Not sure where to get started? Try these three updates for an instant summer home refresh.


1. Decks, Patios & Porches – Take Your Renovation Outside!

Temperatures can rise as high as triple-digits across Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Portsmouth during these long summer days. But each location also boasts cool and comfortable evenings – often accompanied by the perfect gentle summer breeze. One of the best ways to optimize your living space this summer? Renovate an existing outdoor deck, patio space or porch. 

Have an ocean view you enjoy gazing at over a cup of coffee in the mornings? Or maybe a yard your children love to play in during those long summer days? Build an outdoor space where you can truly relax, unwind in the evenings, and enjoy alongside your family in a comfortable and stylish way. 

deck 1.jpg
deck 2.jpg

2. Powder Bath – Small Space, Big Impact!

The summer season often presents many hosting opportunities. Whether its neighbors over for a Fourth of July barbecue, a graduation celebration, pool parties or family visits, you need a powder bath that can accommodate it all. 

Remodeling this often-overlooked space can feel less daunting or overwhelming than a larger project or room in your home, but it’s guaranteed to have a huge impact. Choosing modern hardware, fresh title, a statement vanity or mirror, and a fresh coat of paint are a great way to brighten the space.

powder bath 1 .jpg
powder bath 3.jpg

3. Home Office – Let Your Work Space Motivate You!

Working from home is now integrated into our daily lives. Renovating an existing office or transforming an untouched room in your home into your dream office is the perfect motivation to stay on track.

Allow K.M. Cash Remodeling to bring to life your work space vision and keeping you from ever worrying about your Zoom backdrop ever again. Whether it’s a lack of storage in your existing office you’d like to tackle, you want updated flooring, or you need more privacy and a quiet space for those important tasks – we can help!

home office 3.jpg
home office 2.jpg

Don’t let Summer 2022 breeze past you without investing in your home. Contact us at K.M. Cash Remodeling today by calling 757-278-4036, and we’ll conquer your home renovation needs so all you have to worry about this summer is which space in your home you’re going to enjoy first.

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