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Are you ready for Spring?

Happy Spring 2022. This year we are seeing some beautiful trends that bring Spring & Summer into our clients’ homes.


Windows, Windows, Windows

A stunning window can change the entire ambience of your home. Windows above your kitchen sink is now a popular request. Potential to even make the window open to become an outdoor bar. An easy, fun, fresh way to hand out the summer cocktails or popsicles to the kids as they run wild outside.

kitchen indoor-outdoor bar


Do you have hardwood floors that have not been stained in some time? Spring is the time to get started. In March we see a lot of requests to either re-stain hardwood floors or pull out the old flooring and update with the popular LVP. LVP is trending because there is less maintenance, less scratches and it's super easy to clean. LVP also comes in different colors and textures to ensure that your floors match your home's style and theme.

Hardwood floors virginia beach


Yes, garages are so popular here in Virginia Beach. I guess a lot of our clients have boats, jet skis, outdoor gear, cars and more to fill it up. Plus, who doesn't want that extra space! We build a lot of detached garages in Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. Many of the garages are not simply for storing possessions but also with additional rooms for guests. A grea idea to create a multi-purpose space on your land. You can watch our garage addition here >>

detached garage contractor virginia beach


Turning that empty unused space into a new room is definitely popular across Hampton Roads. We have transformed attics into bedrooms, at home gyms, offices, playrooms and even a games room. The attic is the perfect space to renovate and create more space in your home. The space is there, let's renovate it and make it work for you and your needs. Here is video on the attic renovation we completed in Norfolk, Va >>

Attic Remodel Norfolk VA
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