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4 Tips For Remodeling Your
Primary Suite

While places like the living room or kitchen are often the most popular spots within a home, the primary suite is certainly more of a safe haven of solitude. Whether you’re first waking up in the morning or settling in after a busy, jam-packed day of activities, your bedroom is often where you’re the most relaxed, and where you find peace and comfort.


When it comes to remodeling your home, people tend to focus only on the community spaces that are most visible to guests or more commonly utilized by others. Don’t forget to invest in yourself by creating the primary suite of your dreams! Below are 4 tips on how to personalize this space for you.


1. Windows & Natural Light:

Nothing wakes you up more peacefully, energized and eager to conquer the day than natural sunlight. If your bedroom doesn’t get a lot of natural light, consider remodeling to incorporate large windows so that you do. By making this subtle change, you’re sure to make a big impact not just in your primary suite’s appearance, but your mood!

Hampton Roads Primary Suite Bedroom Remodeling

2. Attached Spa-like Bathroom:


What makes a primary suite so incredible is the ability to shut the door from the hustle and bustle of the main living areas of your home and to have a space dedicated for just you. By remodeling your attached bathroom to have spa-like features – a large soaking tub, a steam shower or a personal vanity space – you’re investing in your personal health, creating a stress-free environment to enjoy.

Hampton Roads Primary Suite Bedroom Bathroom Remodeling

3. Walk-in Wardrobe:

Whether its to store your more expensive or one-of-a-kind items like jewelry or designer clothing, or it’s simply because you enjoy organization and decluttering, a custom walk-in closet is an essential feature for any primary suite remodel. These spaces can transform the way you store your clothing, making daily life more convenient and practical.


Consider adding an island or storage drawers catered to what you enjoy most. Whether its handbags, shoes, or maybe your spouse has a large tie collection, there’s infinite ways to transform this space to display what you love most.

Hampton Roads Primary Suite Walk-in Closet Bedroom Remodeling

4. Reading/Lounge Space:

Often times, we treat our bedroom simply as a place to sleep, and because of that, we don’t actually allow ourselves to enjoy the space to its fullest potential. It can become so much more. By creating a comfortable lounge space or reading nook, you can create an additional purpose and way to enjoy the relaxing environment of your bedroom, further providing you with a way to decompress and unwind every evening.

Hampton Roads Primary Suite Bedroom Remodeling

If you’ve been remodeling rooms of your home other than the primary suite, it’s time to put yourself first! We at K.M. Cash Remodeling have been serving the Hampton Roads area for many years and are backed by dozens of happy clients. Invest in yourself today and allow us to create your dream bedroom space by calling us at (757) 278-4036.

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