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Decorating Your New Living Room for the Holidays

Decorating your home for the holidays is such a fun and magical experience for the whole family! With a newly remodeling living room created by K.M. Cash Construction, there’s countless ways to bring the festive holiday spirit to life in this space. Consider these 5 great ways to brighten up the space and celebrate the holiday season in your Hampton Roads home.

christmas in Hampton Roads

1. Fireplace Statement:

Not only is a fireplace a centerpiece for Santa’s arrival on Christmas Eve, but it’s a perfect place to display décor. Whether it’s through garlands or wreaths lit up with colorful lights, or through personalized stockings hung with care – don’t underestimate a fireplace when it comes to making a holiday statement. Don’t have a fireplace in your home’s living room? We can build you one!

fireplace decorations virginia beach

2. Cozy Blankets and Pillows:

Simple, cost-effective and easy to transition from one holiday to the next, throw pillows and

blankets are a great way to infuse some holiday spirit into your living room. Use these décor

pieces to incorporate some coziness and warmth into the space.

decorating for the holidays

3. Centerpiece Tree:

When one considers placing a Christmas tree in their homes, it’s usually placed in the living

room. That’s because this is one of the most popular spaces in a home for family and friends to enjoy time together. Go grand with your living room’s Christmas tree décor to make a holiday centerpiece for all to enjoy.

Centerpiece Christmas Tree Hampton Roads

4. Infuse Christmas Colors:

Reds, Greens and Golds usually come to mind when envisioning the holidays. By infusing these traditional color schemes into your living room, you’ll instantly create the coziness and comfort of the holidays in your home.

Christmas home in Virginia

5. Presents Double as Decor:

Another simple but effective way to decorate your living room for the holidays is to utilize

wrapping paper! Any early gifts that are ready to be placed under the tree can be wrapped in colors and patterns that complete the overall theme of the space.

christmas presents and decor

Wanting to enjoy next year’s holiday season in an updated living room space? K.M. Cash Remodeling is here to bring your Hampton Roads home dreams to life! Give us a call today at (757) 278-4036 to learn more about our home remodeling options.


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