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5 Most Popular Home Remodeling Spaces in 2024

We get it – when it comes to deciding which areas in your home to invest in with a professional remodel, it can be difficult to know which spaces are worth the time, energy, and money. K.M. Cash Remodeling has been serving the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area for many years, and we’ve garnered the knowledge and expertise needed to know just how to decide this for your home.

Below are the 5 most popular spaces in homes that our clients decide to tackle in a renovation. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can remodel your home in 2024, or see why we’re Virginia Beach’s trusted home remodeler, give us a call at (757) 278-4036.

1. Kitchen First:

Not only is the kitchen considered the central gathering place of a home, but the opinion

amongst most is that it’s the space with the most selling power. Although we don’t think

remodeling should just be reserved for increasing your home’s value or appeal to future buyers, we’d be naïve to think that it’s not an important aspect of deciding where to allocate your home remodeling budget.

By allowing K.M. Cash Remodeling to design and renovate your home’s kitchen, we can make the space not just timeless and beautiful, but functional and practical for you to enjoy – for however long you plan to stay.

kitchen remodel in virginia beach

2. Bathrooms:

The bathrooms in your home are probably second on the list of importance when it comes to a home remodeling plan. Even small powder rooms have the ability to captivate, and we find that our Virginia Beach clients desire to update these spaces the most, turning them into spa-like retreats with beautiful tile work, custom-showers, and more. There’s a million ways that we can remodel and elevate these spaces.

bathroom beach remodel ideaS

3. Flex Spaces:

2024 is the year to turn the unused space within your home into intentional living for you and

your family. Have an unfinished attic that collects clutter and Christmas decorations? Not anymore!

By allocating a portion of your home remodeling budget toward these flex spaces, you’re

making an incredible investment. From creating additional sleeping space for guests,

entertaining space, office space and more – these spaces are full of potential.

attic remodel virginia beach

4. Utility Room:

We find that our clients with large or growing families are drawn toward functional and

beautiful utility spaces. Ask any mom in the Hampton Roads – a mud room is a huge bonus!

Not only do these spaces contain the mess and keep it from entering into other parts of the

home, but they’re a great space to build around your family’s needs. Whether it’s a pet bath for the family dog, or storage cubbies that you and the children can quickly grab your things from on your way out door, don’t overlook these spaces when considering a home remodel.

5. Primary Suite

Lastly, it should come as no surprise that the primary suite tends to be at the top of the list for our clients’ home remodels. The primary bed and bath are undoubtedly one of the most

important spaces in one’s home – even though guests likely never see it.

But it’s your own personal space and sanctuary to relax and unwind in at the end of a hard day, so why not renovate it into an inviting space for you to enjoy? By remodeling your bedroom and attached bath, you’re sure to love your home more than you could’ve ever imagined.


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