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Garage Organization:
Maximize Your Space

Your home’s garage space is more than just a place to park your cars – it’s often a pivotal point of organization in one’s home. This space tends to host bulkier or seasonal items that aren’t easily fit inside a closet or under a bed. We at K.M. Cash Remodeling are experts in maximizing your garage space, and have compiled 4 ways below of how to create a garage that performs at its highest potential for you and your family.


1. Built-in Shelving/Lockers:

Shelving, shelving, shelving. You can never have enough! Garages often become home to bulkier items or miscellaneous décor, tools, appliances and more. To maximize the space in the best way possible, building storage alongside your garage walls is key.

If you want to hide what you’re storing – closed shelving is a must.


Or, if you’d like to personalize and organize the items by family member, locker units are a great addition as well. The options are totally customizable to work best with what you and your family’s needs are, and the reward and convenience that this simple project adds is incredible. 

garage organization new home builders hampton roads

2. Overhead Storage:


Don’t forget about the prime real estate that the ceiling of a garage space holds. Overhead is one of the best solutions available to packing away items you rarely need or use, allowing the floor shelving in the garage to host those quick-accessible items. 

garage organization new home builder hampton roads

3. Bike Racks:

A great option for families who enjoy the outdoors, bike racks allow you to store your bikes in not only an appealing way but one that utilizes the space most efficiently. By including these in your garage remodel, you’ll be thankful for the space it frees up and the ease of storage.

garage organization new home builder hampton roads

4. Tool Bench Area:

No doubt about it, garage spaces are the prime location to store any tools you have. For many, it’s the space that’s used to build and create and work on projects – so why not make this space work for you? By building a tool bench and storage, you can pack the tools away but keep them close-at-hand at the same time. You can also provide yourself with a bench to easily create and construct your projects on!

garage organization new home builder hampton roads

There’s a reason garage additions and remodeling projects are gaining popularity in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area. This space has often unlocked potential for great things! Contact K.M. Cash Remodeling today to get started on building your one-of-a-kind garage. Call us at 757-278-4036.

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