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Fall Renovation Inspiration for Your Virginia Beach Kitchen Remodel

There is no time more beautiful in the Virginia Beach, Virginia, area than the Fall season. As the trees turn vibrant shades of reds, oranges and yellows, it’s easy to draw inspiration from the outdoors when considering a remodel of your home’s kitchen. 

K.M. Cash Remodeling specializes not only in kitchen remodeling in the Virginia Beach and greater Hampton Roads area, but in understanding how to bring the elements of the beautiful Virginia outdoors into your home, making an inviting and warm space for your family to enjoy.

Below are 5 Fall Renovation ideas to draw inspiration from when considering your kitchen remodel.


1. Lighting to Love

The way you light your kitchen can be one of the most subtle design choices when remodeling your kitchen, but its impact is enormous. The lighting can dictate whether your space feels warm and cozy, or whether it feels cold and sterile.


Opting for lighting fixtures that emulate the warmth, texture and coziness we associate with the Fall season in Virginia is sure to be a hit. A rustic lighting feature has the ability to bring the iconic outdoors inside without being an overwhelming task in your kitchen remodel.

virginia beach kitchen remodel

2. Bring in Natural Elements

Another way to invite the feeling of Fall into your kitchen redesign is to focus on the materials used. Natural wood is a design choice on the rise this year, and we’re finding more and more homes are straying away all-white cabinetry and we’re seeing a focus on inviting more natural wood into the kitchen – usually through focal points like an island, or range hoods.  

virginia beach kitchen remodel

3. Feature a Farmhouse Sink

There’s just something about a farmhouse sink that invites the cozy, charming feeling of Fall into a kitchen – Especially one that sits underneath a window! Enjoying the beautiful view of the falling leaves being whisked off trees by crisp Fall wind makes the task of washing dishes so much less daunting!


Not only are farmhouse sinks practical because of their large space, but they’re aesthetically pleasing and easy to build into any kitchen remodel.

virginia beach kitchen remodel

4. Focus on Backsplash

One of a kitchen’s focal points of design is the backsplash. Instead of choosing a basic, white subway tile that we see trending in so many kitchen remodels today, emulate the unique feeling of Fall with a textured backsplash that adds depth to the space.


Including a more textured stone also brings the outdoor elements into your home, livening up the space with tons of warmth and appeal.

virginia beach kitchen remodel

5. Don't Hold Back on Hardware

The hardware you choose for your Virginia Beach kitchen remodel may seem like an unimportant task, but this element has the capability to change the entire feel of a kitchen space. For a fall-inspired design, we suggest a more rustic option. You can also explore different options such as copper or rubbed bronze for a huge impact in your space.

virginia beach kitchen remodel

Fall brings with it a feeling of warmth and a focus on family, as it ushers in the beginning of the holiday season. Soon we’ll be enjoying a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal and reuniting with our family and friends. What better space to invite your loved ones into your home with than in a newly remodeled kitchen by K.M. Cash Remodeling? Contact us today by calling us at (757) 278-4036 to get started on the kitchen of your dreams in your Virginia Beach home!

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