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5 Trending Design Features for Your 2023 Bathroom Remodel

Another year is here with its own unique design trends, and we’re seeing some fresh and new ideas across the remodeling industry. With decades of experience behind us in expertly remodeling homes in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area, K.M. Cash Remodeling is well-versed on the latest and most popular design features being chosen for bathroom renovation projects. As you allow us to tackle these spaces within your overall home renovation, consider these 5 trending design features when it comes to your bathroom remodel. 


1. Walk-in Showers:

Last year, we saw a huge draw toward placing statement-making soaking tubs as a centerpiece in a home’s main bathroom. In 2023, we’re seeing this trend totally replaced. Instead, clients are opting to use the valuable space to host a larger walk-in shower. 


So often, soaking tubs aren’t utilized and can be seen by some as nothing more than a dust-collector for clients who prefer the convenience and efficiency of a quick shower. When it comes to wanting to have a more relaxing experience, a large walk-in shower can accommodate a more spa-like feel by including a seating bench or multiple shower heads that give it a luxury appeal.

Bathroom Remodel Virginia Beach Virginia

2. Unique Vanities:

Gone are the days of pre-fabricated, store-bought vanities. Instead, 2023 is seeing a trend toward unique and bold choices in this area, as well as sustainability. Clients are choosing to repurpose furniture and design pieces, such as vintage wooden dressers, to create a one-of-a-kind vanity for their homes’ bathrooms. Not only does this add a charming appeal, but it is resourceful and environmentally conscious – two things that will never go out of style!

home bathroom remodel Virginia Beach Virginia

3. Elevated Powder Rooms:

Powder rooms may be small, but they are one of the most utilized spaces in a home. Wow your guests and family-members alike by using these often-forgotten spaces to make a big design impact. Whether its bold paint colors, a feature wall covered in beautiful textured tile or wall paper, or a unique sink, there are so many options to consider in making this space really pop. 

home bathroom remodel Virginia Beach Virginia

4. Backlit Mirrors:

Great lighting is a huge selling feature in homes, and for many, it’s a highly-sought-after feature when remodeling bathrooms. When the space itself may not allow for a lot of natural light, consider adding backlit mirrors to your bathrooms. Not only will you enjoy the extra light when getting ready in the morning or applying your makeup, but this design element adds a touch of sophistication to the space overall that you won’t regret.

home bathroom remodel Virginia Beach Virginia

5. Spa-like Retreat:

This trend certainly saw an uptick in 2022, and it continues to gain popularity in 2023. Bathrooms are no longer placed last on the home remodeling to-do list. Instead, they’re rising to the top. Bathrooms are being seen as mini-retreats within the home, and creating a spa-like atmosphere is at the top of clients’ lists. 

home bathroom remodel Virginia Beach Virginia

Don’t let another year pass you by before tackling that bathroom remodel you’ve been wanting for so long. K.M. Cash Remodeling can get the job done, using top-of-the-line materials and our unmatched quality craftsmanship. Get started today by calling us at 757-278-4036 and we can modernize your home with trusted expertise, giving you a new-found love for your space. 

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