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5 Reasons to Build an In-Law Suite in Your Norfolk Home

Summer is officially behind us, and the fall season has emerged – which means, the holiday season is fast approaching! This special time of year brings with it the promise of beloved family visiting from near and far. If your Norfolk, Virginia, residence is the homebase of your extended family’s holiday festivities, you understand the importance of being able to comfortably host them in an inviting and welcoming space.


In-law suites are the perfect solution for these extended visits but also remain steadfast in their ability to provide a permanent living situation for our aging family members.


When remodeling your Norfolk home, K.M. Cash Remodeling can create the perfect in-law suite for your family’s individual needs. Below are our top 5 reasons why you should consider including an in-law suite in your home’s remodeling projects.


1. Endless Versatility

In-law suites are a separate dwelling space set apart from the main living areas of your home. These spaces typically allow those inhabiting it to remain independent, and can include amenities such as their own kitchenette, bathroom, and more.


Where they exist within the home can be extremely versatile, too! We’ve seen clients utilize previously unused basements, bonus spaces, or even an entirely separate building from the main house that exits on the property. The options on where to create the in-law suite and what amenities to include in the space are truly endless.

Norfolk In-Law Suite Builder

2. Increased Home Value

By including an in-law suite in your Norfolk home remodel, you’re investing in your home’s overall value. Remodeling an overlooked or mostly untouched part of your home brings that space back to life, giving it a fresh and modern appeal that’s sure to draw in potential buyers.


What would previously have been seen as unusable space can now be seen as welcoming, usable square footage!

Norfolk In-Law Suite Builder

3. Multi-Purpose Spaces

Although these spaces are known as in-law suites – as they’re most commonly used for the older generation of our families – these spaces can fulfill a diverse set of needs and comfortably host family members in many stages of life.


Whether it’s your children who are now adults returning home from college each summer, or friends and family that visit from around the country or world – by remodeling this space in your Norfolk home, you’ll be impressed by how much use you’re going to get out of it.


When not being used by family, these spaces also act perfectly as offices, art studios, or any other creative space you can dream up!

Norfolk In-Law Suite Builder

4. Small Space, Big Design Impact

Because in-law suites tend to be smaller spaces, it allows you to splurge on design features, in comparison to renovating a much larger space in your home. Easily update flooring, countertops, tile and more with the highest quality materials to provide a big visual impact that’s sure to wow your guests and family members.

Norfolk In-Law Suite Builder

5. Convenience & Peace of Mind

There’s a reason in-law suites are gaining popularity and are so sought after by Norfolk residents! Nothing can bring more peace of mind than having our family nearby in case they should ever need our help.


Being able to attend to their unique needs and provide for our family not only brings us great relief but allows us to show our appreciation for all they’ve done for us and continue to do. In-law suites are a safe, comfortable and beautiful space to allow a multi-generational family to thrive together.

Norfolk In-Law Suite Builder

If you’re considering remodeling your Norfolk, Virginia, home to include an in-law suite, we’re the right company for the job! We understand how to create a space that is perfectly curated to your family’s individual needs, and have years of expertise to back it up. Contact us at K.M. Cash Remodeling to get started so you can celebrate the New Year with a new space for your family to enjoy! Call us at (757) 278-4036 to learn more.

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