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Your next remodel will be more efficient with 3D imaging.

At K.M. Cash Remodeling we design your dream renovation into 3D rendering models. 3D rendering provide a more efficient, accurate and clear vision for our clients. Giving our clients the opportunity to visualize ideas ensures that their renovation needs and wants are achieved. 

Suffolk, VA Kitchen Remodel

Suffolk, VA Kitchen Remodel

3D models confirm your vision

Whether you are renovating a kitchen or adding an in-law suite to your home, 3D designs assist in giving you a clear and realistic vision of what your renovation will look like once it’s completed.The 3D models provide our clients with a visual platform to see the layout of their renovation, giving them the opportunity to see their ideas come to life. Great clarity and a visual representation empowers our clients and provides them with confidence knowing that their renovation will be a great success.

Virginia Beach VA Kitchen Remodel

Virginia Beach, VA Kitchen Remodel

Better communication

3D designs provide a format that is visually understood by both the client and K.M. Cash Remodeling’s Class A Contractors. New ideas and suggestions can be easily incorporated into the models to give our clients a holistic view of how the change will impact the renovation. Better communication to our clients is key to ensuring that the best results are achieved. 

Norfolk, VA Bathroom 3D Model

Norfolk, VA Bathroom Remodel

Seamless Renovation Experience

Paralleling communication and better understanding our client’s renovation vision, 3D models allow for a seamless approval process, while ensuring we stick to the budget. The smooth process enables us to provide our clients with an exact quote, clear time frames and minimizes changes during the remodel.

Virginia Beach, VA laundry remodel 3d im

Virginia Beach, VA Laundry Remodel

Working closely with our clients, the contractor and our design team 3D models continue to ensure we meet the needs of our satisfied clients. 

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