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Planning Your 2023 Kitchen Remodel: Here’s What’s Trending!

Another year has come and go, and a new and exciting year is ahead of us. Let 2023 be the year that you invest in renovating your outdated kitchen to be more practical, modern and beautiful! K.M. Cash Remodeling has renovated many kitchens across the Hampton Roads, Virginia, area, and we take notice of what features are trending in these projects. If you’re considering a kitchen remodel in 2023, here’s 5 features that are gaining popularity in the New Year!


1. Repurposed Islands:

Large centerpiece islands have dominated kitchen remodels for years now, but we’re seeing this trend changing in 2023. Until now, giant kitchen islands were seen as so popular that incorporating two islands into a kitchen was becoming even more common – but now, homeowners opt for repurposing the space.

Instead of just for show, islands are being seen as practical, working and mobile spaces, no longer affixed to the center of the kitchen. We’re seeing a lot of non-traditional islands being placed in kitchens across the Hampton Roads. Whether it’s a wooden table, an organic shape and style, or it has the ability to move in and out of the kitchen, we don’t see this island trend quitting any time soon!

kitchen island kitchen remodel Hampton Roads Virginia

2. Lower Kitchen Drawers:

Drawers are ruling the kitchen space as well. Homeowners understand the flexibility that comes with including large, customizable drawers into the kitchen, because the practicality is simply unmatched. Providing a space for your largest and favorite pots and pans, kitchen tools or appliances, these deep drawers keep the clutter neatly tucked away while still keeping the necessities at your convenience. No more digging through your cabinets to get to that one item in the back!

kitchen remodel Hampton Roads Virginia

3. Marble Backsplash:

Subway tile backsplashes are a trend of the past. In 2023, you’ll see homes across the Hampton Roads eagerly installing large marble slabs as the backsplashes in their kitchens. Not only does marble elevate a kitchen far more than subway tile, but it adds a unique elegance and style to the entire space. You’ll be proud to showcase this backsplash choice as you invite and host friends and family in your newly remodeled kitchen. 

kitchen remodel Hampton Roads Virginia

4. Warm Wood & Color

Stark, all-white kitchens are a trend that won’t return in the New Year. Instead, colorful hues and warm woods are taking over the kitchen renovation industry. Texture and color are now welcome in the kitchen and super matchy-matchy spaces are a thing of the past.


While some homeowners may opt for a small pop of color, others are painting their cabinets entirely in vibrant hues that are eye-catching and bold. For those who still enjoy a more neutral space, we’re seeing warmer-toned woods being utilized in the kitchen to add depth to the space. 

kitchen remodel Hampton Roads Virginia

5. Detailed Millwork:

The final trend we see having a huge presence in kitchens across the Hampton Roads in 2023 is detailed, one-of-a-kind cabinetry. Standard, store-bought cabinetry is losing its appeal and homeowners are splurging on cabinetry as the focal point of their kitchen space. By allowing the cabinetry to shine, you can create a beautiful kitchen feature that’s unique to your home’s shape and style, while also wasting no space or convenience in its design. 

kitchen remodel Hampton Roads Virginia

While trends can come and go, one truth remains the same each year: kitchens are one of the most desired spaces to transform in home remodeling. Consider allowing K.M. Cash Remodeling to elevate and transform your Hampton Roads home’s kitchen space so the heart of your home can shine brightly in the New Year. Contact us today at (757) 278-4036 to learn more about the endless options available for your dream kitchen. 

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